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ReYou is a capsuled supplement designed to help support your body’s natural functions when processing alcohol. ReYou is formulated with a blend of powerful antioxidants and the right research-backed natural ingredients to strengthen your detoxification process and support hydration and restoration.

ReYou supports your liver in removing those nasty toxins that build up from alcohol metabolism by supplying antioxidants and maintaining an optimal environment for the natural removal of toxins. Because hangovers are more than just from toxin buildup, ReYou’s blend of electrolytes and other natural ingredients help minimize stomach inflammation, support rehydration, and limit sleep disturbances after your drinking session.

We recommend taking 1 capsule before drinking alcohol and taking 2 after your last drink for a total of 3 capsules per serving. You can take it with water or your first drink. You can take it with or without food.

Drinking more then you usually do? Take an additional 1 before drinking, and/or an additional 2 after. Capsules before you drink help guard your liver and aid in your body’s defenses. Capsules taking after drinking help support your body’s processing system.

Not at all! ReYou is designed to help your body take care of itself in cleaning up after drinking; so it won’t stop you from becoming intoxicated or inebriated. You can still party and have fun like you normally do. Just remember to be safe and drink responsibly, we wouldn’t want anything happening to you!

Please do! ReYou is a labeled dietary supplement capsule that is safe for travel. You can get more information here from the TSA website.

ReYou is vegan and free of gluten, nuts, lactose, sugar, caffeine, soy, and artificial colors or flavors. If you have any other restrictions that aren’t addressed here, please reach out and let us know at

We’re going to pass this one to your physician! Everyone is different, and so is their medication. We recommend talking to your doctor if you have any concerns. You can find our ingredients on our Nutrition Facts image on the product page to take with you when you talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

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