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We didn’t know what we were getting into when we started our conversation about hangovers during brunch one sunny morning. I expressed my frustration that hangover aids aren’t as common in the states as they are overseas, and Justin was excited to use the opportunity to discuss recent research in the biology of alcohol consumption. The pieces fell together, and we found ourselves discussing the “dream supplement”. We prioritized using modern research with trusted natural sources that would be ethically produced and accessible to those with diverse needs such as those with vegan and gluten restrictions. We wanted to raise the bar and set a standard above all others to bring a product that we could both feel good about and lead to a healthier life.

We began our journey in 2018 and spent over a year on research and development. In 2019 we enlisted the help of many supportive friends and family members for our early testing. The results were overwhelmingly successful; but we wanted to do better. With the help of direct field testing, we were able to take new feedback with us back to research. After over a year of trial and improvement, volunteer testing, and the support of multiple independent labs and teams, we knew we had the answer: ReYou!

Every step of our product development began and ended with you in mind. That is why our formulation was created through our first-hand research experience and supported by multiple independent teams of PhDs and MDs, ReYou undergoes rigorous testing and is produced in FDA registered and cGMP compliant facilities to ensure you have the highest quality product possible.

We are excited to be here today and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to making your day a little better,

~Ana & Justin

Meet Our Team

A. Ries
Co Founder

Native Californian with my heart in the Redwoods of Humboldt County. As both a business student from College of the Redwoods and a Psychology Graduate from Humboldt State University, I've cared deeply about learning how business can better apply listening to consumer needs while solving them with holistic, environmentally conscious, and research-backed solutions. I believe we all have a part to play in building a better world through ethical consumerism, and am happy to bring my passion for the environment and genuine human relations into everything we do here at Good Day.

Justin Youngyunpipatkul

For much of my life I have loved science and health. I’ve seen its impact personally as a firefighter and EMT as well as fundamentally through research. From my time doing immunology research at Stanford University, I was inspired to bring the scientific curiosity and effort of finding the right answers to everyday people and I have taken that drive with me as I pursue my PhD in Genetics at the University of Rochester. I am proud to bring my passion for health and principles of scientific quality and honesty to Good Day and to each product that you enjoy.