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Just 3 Simple Steps

Take 1 before
Have fun knowing you’ve got
things covered
Take 2 when you’re

That’s it! Now go out there and enjoy waking up
refreshed and recharged like you should.

A Healthier Way To Drink

Feel better after your night out knowing you've got ReYou! Your go-to drinking buddy is here to support your body's natural process of metabolizing alcohol all while helping break down any toxins that try to mess with you and your next day plans.

Even before you start drinking, ReYou is fortifying your liver with the antioxidants it needs to break down alcohol more quickly and effectively. Our combination of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC, Found in Onions), Dihydromyricetin (DHM, From Japanese Tea Tree), and Black Tea Extract will keep toxic byproducts created when your body breaks down alcohol in check. Our combination of natural ingredients also aid the enzymes involved in preparing these toxins for removal so your body can sweep them out of there better than ever! ReYou's formula was developed by a team of PhDs and physicians who understand that "More is not always better" and focused on deliberate doses backed by modern scientific research.

ReYou was made with you (and us!) in mind and we know that hangovers can differ from person to person and from drink to drink. That's why we planned ahead and provided electrolytes to support your rehydration during and after drinking, and ginger to help soothe stomach irritation.

Take ReYou to wake up refreshed and renewed for a better you. You have better things to do then deal with next day after drinking grogginess, irritability, nausea, headaches, and all that other nonsense. That's why you Reyou!

What’s Inside Reyou


One of the strongest antioxidants to help reduce damage from alcohol toxicity.


Years of research and dedication to making It right


Synergistically works with vitamin c as an antioxidant.


Antioxidant that supports immune function


Improves removal of toxin & improves sleep quality after drinking


Stomach calming and anti-inflammatory


Antioxidant that helps increase rate of toxin removal


Improves rehydration and replenishes essential minerals

What Our Clients Are Saying


As an established wine drinker who also keeps to a fairly regimented schedule throughout the week, I dread feeling like I’ve lost half my weekend to a hangover after playing as hard as I work. [...] I felt much better rested than any of my previous experiences, and on top of that had no icky nausea, headaches or other disorientation the next day. I won’t say ReYou is a miracle worker, but I can now say I feel much more confident about being able to actually get things done the next morning [...]


I took this product in anticipation on a big night out on the town with the boys, with the amount of drinking I did, I knew on a regular day I would be absolutely destroyed the next day but thankfully this product made the recovery process relatively painless. 10/10 rate this product


While I don't usually get hangover headaches, I do wake up groggy and exhausted the next day. After taking a couple capsules of Reyou I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go the next morning. This is a great product. Took away my 'after alcohol lag.' Don't forget to drink water!


[...] With no weird after tastes and easy to follow instructions; It's effectively saved my Sunday mornings, diet and wallet. My stomach has never been happier after a night out. A must have in your purse, car, fanny pack, etc. for all drinking occasions.