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The Science

<p> The Science Behind ReYou </p>

<p> Even before you start drinking, ReYou is fortifying your liver with the antioxidants it needs to break down alcohol more quickly and effectively. Our combination of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC, Found in Onions), Dihydromyricetin (DHM, From Japanese Tea Tree), and Black Tea Extract will keep toxic byproducts created when your body breaks down alcohol in check. Our combination of natural ingredients also aid the enzymes involved in preparing these toxins for removal so your body can sweep them out of there better than ever! ReYou's formula was developed by a team of PhDs and physicians who understand that "More is not always better" and focused on deliberate doses backed by modern scientific research. </p>

<p> ReYou was made with you (and us!) in mind and we know that hangovers can differ from person to person and from drink to drink. That's why we planned ahead and provided electrolytes to support your rehydration during and after drinking, and ginger to help soothe stomach irritation.